Where Have You Been?

It's been almost a full year since I last updated this blog; it's high time I get back to it. Rather than diving straight into the technical conversation, I'll take a moment to update folks on my life since leaving Brightcove in November 2010.

  • We moved to California
  • We got set up in a new house
  • We went to visit Atlanta for Christmas
  • In February, my son, Lucas, was born

Anyone who's a parent will tell you that last one is enough to eat anybody's time.  Completely. :)

Since joining Netflix, I've had the opportunity to work with some of the absolute best minds in Javascript engineering today. Seriously, I know you all think of Netflix as "that company that sends me red envelopes;" but, if you take a look deeper, you'll see that we've transformed primarily into an instant-watch streaming company.  Moreover, you've probably heard that we're delivering experiences on various TV-platforms using HTML5.  What you likely haven't heard about is the incredible team of people that build these experiences, and the thought and execution around Javascript application architecture that goes into these apps. With perhaps a couple of notable exceptions, I'd contend that no one is doing apps in the browser quite like we're doing.

It's been an exciting time, and I've learned a ton. My hope is to become more active on this blog (and in the community at large) again to share some of those learnings beyond our walls. Now that my son is 6 months old and settling into more of a "normal" routine, I feel like I may actually have time to make good on that agenda.