Until We Meet Again...

Today is my last day with Brightcove; a company which I joined just over a year ago.  My emotions are mixed about this life change; but like the change that brought me to Brightcove in the first place, I'm confident that I've made the right decision.  Once again, I didn't set out to find a new job; yet one came and found me anyway. And once again, I didn't plan to move across the country; yet we're working on packing as we speak.

My grandfather passed away on the day I graduated from Georgia Tech; as I was approaching the end of school and beginning the interviewing process in earnest he asked me a question, "So where are you going to live when you graduate?" Knowing my grandfather as I did, I knew it was a trick question but I wasn't quite sure how to answer. Quickly, he answered for me, "The answer is always, 'Wherever the job is.'" It's a lesson I carry with me and that guided my decision to move from Atlanta to Boston to join Brightcove in the first place. And it's a lesson still with me as we prepare to move less than a year later to California.

My father once told me that he'd become successful as much by his judgment of and willingness to embrace opportunities as hard work. He was a USAF pilot who got into the Air Force at the last possible moment (before he was too old to join) and got out and into the Airline industry at a time when they were hiring. He seized the opportunities that came his way and made the most of them. Once again, I've done the same.

I love Brightcove; I think this company is doing great things and will continue to do great things whether I am with them or not. I've been continually impressed by the talent of the engineering team, the dedication of the sales, account management, and customer service teams, and the constant belief that the company is a big part of the future of the Web. I really couldn't agree more with that sentiment and I look forward to watching on from the outside as the company rises to new heights.

I get several emails a week through LinkedIn or other sources about "job opportunities." I typically ignore or politely decline these messages as most of the are for companies that hold absolutely no interest for me or they're not real offers; just recruiters looking for anyone who might be interested in anything. However, there are some companies whose name in my inbox would get me excited and when Netflix reached out to me to talk about joining their team, I knew it was worth chatting with them.  Aside from being a great company of which I've been a customer for many years, I had long known that my wife wasn't thrilled with living in Boston and would jump at the opportunity to move to California. Several phone interviews, a 36-hour round-trip to Los Gatos, CA (which included a 3-hour flight delay, almost no sleep, and 5 hours of interviewing) and a weekend of recovery later, I'd accepted the job offer to join the Netflix team.

I'm really excited to join their "device platforms" group; the same group responsible for delivering the totally kick-ass implementation of Netflix for the Sony Ps3. I'm excited to work at a company that has completely embraced HTML5 and Javascript for delivering experiences across multiple platforms with multiple interface paradigms. I'm excited to be joining a team which, if my interview was any indication, is full of true, front-end engineering badasses. My wife and I are both excited about moving to sunny California!

At the same time, I'm sad to be leaving a family I was just beginning to develop in Boston. I've made some great friends along the way here and it sucks to have to leave so soon after it all began. I'm also sad not to be able to see Brightcove's HTML5 players through to a state of real parity with the Flash players.  Ultimately, as is always the case, what I'll miss most is the people.  I want to thank all of them for welcoming me so warmly to such a cold city and for the opportunity to do some amazing things with them!

So long, Brightcove; it's been a pleasure!