My jQuery Conference Presentation

As I've been talking about on Twitter since I first heard, my topic for the jQuery Conference Boston 2010 was accepted and I'll be presenting at the event.  I want to give people some advance idea of the topics I'm going to cover so they can make an informed decision as to whether they want to attend my session or the session featuring Menno Van Slooten on increasing velocity.

What follows is the official abstract from the jQuery Conference literature for my talk, jQueryUI and HTML5 Video Play Nice:

With mobile device usage skyrocketing and Flash Player 10.1 failing to provide a "silver bullet" for developers, even on the range of devices that do support it, working effectively with HTML5 video is becoming more critical every day. In this session, we will walk through the basics of creating a jQueryUI-based interface for an HTML5 video player complete with ThemeRoller support.  With support for HTML5 video on mobile  devices incomplete in many cases, we'll also talk about the nuances of HTML5 video element support on mobile devices including how to properly prepare your content for mobile delivery and common "gotchas" when deploying to these devices. jQuery topics covered include jQueryUI widget creation, ThemeRoller integration, and how to leverage core jQuery functionality to build HTML5-based video players on mobile devices. Sample code will be provided to all event attendees for a sample jQueryUI HTML5 video player via GitHub.

So how does that abstract translate into what we're actually going to cover?  I'm glad you asked!  For the first 15-20 minutes, I'm going to talk about various aspects of HTML5 video including what it is and the current state of mobile device support.  I'll talk about some of the major roadblocks that can make development of players more difficult, and various ways to work around these problems.

From there, I've built a very simple jQueryUI based video player. I've done my best to build it using as many of the "out of box" jQueryUI components as possible including:

  • Slider
  • Button
  • Position
  • Dialog

All of these controls will be wrapped in a jQueryUI widget that acts primarily as a controller for interaction between the various components.  We're going to walk through the code of how I set up the widget, how to enable ThemeRoller support on our own elements so they match the built-in jQueryUI widgets, and how to build the event-driven interaction between the various widgets and the video element.  All the while, I'll be pointing out areas where we need to be concerned about support on mobile devices.

There will be some live-coding, but I've done a lot of work to break up various sections ahead of time so we don't get bogged down in me making simple mistakes while trying to get through the material quickly.  I don't consider this to be an "advanced" session by any means; with only 45 minutes, this talk will serve primarily as an introduction to jQueryUI, the video element, and the various implementations across mobile devices.  If you're working in an environment where you may be tasked for creating a cross-platform video application, you'll likely find the discussion of the various implementation bugs invaluable.

So whether you choose to attend my session on jQueryUI video or Menno's presentation on Saturday afternoon, there's going to be a ton of value during that 45-minutes for everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you and meeting you at the jQuery Conference Boston 2010!