Hello Brightcove!

Monday was my first day in my new role as Prinicipal UI Engineer for Brightcove and I'm quite excited to begin this new chapter of not only my career, but my life as well.  Brightcove is headquartered in Cambridge, MA which means the first major physical relocation in over 20 years for me.  More importantly, it's the first time I'll be living outside of Atlanta as an adult.

There were may reasons I chose to accept this opportunity and uproot my life to come here. Most notably, I believe the word "opportunity" truly applies.  I spent a good portion of my half-day interview in Cambridge in early October talking about where I want my career to go; and not just anecdotally via the typical "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" interview question.  We talked about how my desired path can fit into the Brightcove structure and culture and we talked about how to leverage my current skill sets to make those transitions possible. While I grew tremendously in my time at ATC, I believe I'll grow much more, and much more quickly, and Brightcove.

I also saw the opportunity to come to a company that sits on the leading edge of technology on the web; and a company where initiative would be embraced from engineers rather than stifled.  And the company showed tremendous faith in me throughout the whole Interview and Negotiation process.

The fact that they use the Scrum methodology certainly didn't hurt things either.  Oh, and they have some of the world's best Flex developers for me to learn from as well.  :)

All of these things, and the general feeling of excitement I had when I walked out of that interview, made it a very easy decision for me to pack up and move to New England.  When I arrived for my first day, I found that people know who I am, are happy I'm there, and are ready to look to me for leadership in the UI Engineering discipline.

I look forward to this adventure!